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Whether as a cover for flower beds to prevent dehydration, as a decorative covering under ornamental shrubs or to improve the soil - bark mulch is used in many ways in the home garden. As one of the few substances that you can hardly produce yourself, hobby gardeners have to buy it again and again. You can find out here which prices will be called up for this in 2022 and what differences there will be between loosely traded bulk goods and sacked goods, for example.

bark mulch prices

It will certainly be clear to every reader that there is not one price for bark mulch in 2022 for the entire Federal Republic. Numerous factors have a greater or lesser influence, so that the prices can ultimately differ significantly:

  • The regional availability of bark mulch at the point of sale
  • The composition of different or single-variety wood species
  • The quality of the underlying raw material as "waste" from other processes or materials specifically worked out for mulch production
  • The piece size, the finer the crushing process, the greater the effort
  • The delivery form as loose bulk material per cubic meter or in a sack
  • The general quality

danger: The brand names used often have a significant impact on the cost of bark mulch. However, a flowery name says nothing about the real differences of the material. One should therefore not infer quality from the name and price, but instead make the selection based on the aforementioned criteria and one's own requirements.

Average prices

If you look at the national German average, no locally reliable costs can be named, but the price ranges at least give a feeling for the differences depending on quality, granulation, composition and form of delivery. The cost framework given below is taken from a comparison of various builders' merchants throughout Germany and rounded to usable amounts.

Bark mulch loose

Fine grain (0-20 mm)

  • Mixed softwood: €45/m³ - €0.045/l
  • Pine bark: €47/m³ - €0.047/l
  • Spruce bark: €40/m³ - €0.040/l

Coarse grain (0-40 mm)

  • Mixed softwood: €43/m³ - €0.044/l
  • Fall protection & playground surface: 65 €/m³ - 0.065 €/l
  • Spruce bark: €48/m³ - €0.048/l
  • Spruce bark in big bags: 70 €/m³ - 0.070 €/l

Bark mulch in sacks

Fine grain (0-20 mm)

  • Mixed softwood: €6/45l bag - €0.12/l
  • Pine bark: €13/60l bag - €0.22/l
  • Wood decor: €10/45 l bag - €0.22/l

Coarse grain (0-40 mm)

  • Mixed softwood: €2/40l bag - €0.06/l
  • Pine bark: €13/60l bag - €0.22/l
  • Fall protection & playground surface: €11/50l bag - €0.22/l
  • Garden decor mahogany, maple or pine: €9/45l bag - €0.20/l

All information already includes the statutory value-added tax.

It quickly becomes apparent that the offers for bark mulch are neither uniform nor actually comparable. However, a uniform specification per cubic meter or per defined number of liters would be just as ineffective, since the individual container sizes of the hardware stores, garden centers etc. vary to the same extent as the associated amounts of money.

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