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When managing large gardens, a wood chipper can save energy and time. It shreds branches and green waste in no time at all. You can buy shredders or rent them cheaply. Note our tips!

In a nutshell

  • Shredders make gardening easier
  • A large selection of knife and roller shredders are available from specialist dealers and rental centres
  • Rent as a cheap and flexible alternative to buying
  • Note the ancillary provisions in the rental agreement

Rent or buy?

Renting gardening equipment that you don't need all the time, like a shredder, is a good idea.
The advantages are apparent:

  • Renting is cheaper than buying if you use it seldom
  • Rental equipment does not take up space in the basement or garage
  • Suitable devices for every garden size selectable.
  • Equipment rental companies offer competent advice on the use of equipment

Purchasing your own garden shredder is worthwhile if the area of use is very large and there are many trees, shrubs and bushes on it.

prices and suppliers

There are many hardware stores and online providers where you can rent a shredder. We have researched and put together an overview of the costs and rental conditions for you. In most cases, electric shredders are offered.

OBI4 hours: €31.60
1 day: €39.50
1 WE: 59.25 € (Fri 12:00 - Mon 12:00)
1 week: €98.75
Deposit: €175.00
- Return uncleaned possible (25 € cleaning fee)
- all prices plus 10% liability exemption fee
- if petrol or similar is required: purchase in the market, money back for the rest upon delivery
bright way4 hours: €31.60
1 day: €39.50
1 WE: 59.25 € (Fri 12:00 - Mon 12:00)
1 week: €98.75
Deposit: €175.00
Petrol chopper can be borrowed:
4 hours: €51.20
1 day: €64.00
1 WE: €96.00 (Fri 12:00 - Mon 12:00)
1 week: €160.00
Deposit: €350
toom4 hours: €31.60
1 day: €39.50
1 WE: 59.25 € (Fri 12:00 - Mon 12:00)
1 week: €98.75
Deposit: €175.00
- Devices are always returned cleaned/emptied, otherwise the deposit will be retained/invoiced
- if petrol or similar is required: use of the remaining petrol in the device, otherwise purchase in the market
bauhaus4 hours: €32.17
1 day: €47.76
1 WE: €72.13 (Fri 1:00 p.m. - Mon 10:00 a.m.)
from 7 days: savings rate €19.50/day
Deposit: €100.00
- Devices are always returned cleaned/emptied/with a full tank of fuel, otherwise the deposit will be retained/invoiced
- Delivery and collection of the rental item against. fee possible
- Return of unused consumables
Boel's Rental35mm: 39.98 € / day from 5 rental days
Petrol chopper can be borrowed:
55mm: €61.24 / day from 5 rental days
120mm: on request
160mm: on request
200mm: 238 € / day from 5 rental days
- All prices plus costs for maintenance, fuel, grinding, wear and tear, transport, cleaning, accessories, environmental taxes, surcharges for indemnification, fire/theft regulations
- Price information often only on request, chargeable telephone number
RENTAS rental equipment1 day: €64.00 to €74.80
1 week: €224.00 to €261.80
quiet roller shredder can be borrowed:
1 day: €24.20 to €48.00
1 week: €84.70 to €168.00
- Prices vary greatly depending on location
- mainly represented in northern and western Germany
- Security Deposit
erento.com1 day: 32.00 - 44.00 €
2 days: €64.00 - €114.00
3 days: €93.00 - €174.00
1 WE: 49.00 - 64.00 €
1 week: €112.00 - €250.80
quiet roller shredder available
- Individuals/small businesses: sometimes cheaper
- Offer does not cover the whole of Germany
- individual deposit and rental conditions
- Partial delivery/pickup possible for an extra charge
- Prices vary greatly seasonally and regionally

Notice: Toom, OBI and Hellweg markets work together with Boels Rental. Therefore, the same prices apply in the markets. Hornbach immediately refers to the rental center of Boels Rental.

Regional conditions

In many cities there are also regional individual companies where you can rent a shredder. We have put together a selection for you.

citycostsVendors and Notices
Berlin6 hours: €30.00
1 day: €45.00
Deposit: €100.00
Tool rental Teltow - tools and garden equipment KAUTZ
- Gasoline (or other consumables) billed according to consumption
- limited offer
- Rent and deposit to be paid in advance
Hamburg1 day: €27.50Detlev Offen e.K. - Machine & equipment rental Hamburg
- Uncleaned return possible, cleaning fee 25 €
- Deposit (usually 250 €) in advance, rental payment upon return
- Price calculation (with TP = Daily rate for up to 24 hours)
WE short (Sat 8-Mon 10) = TP x 1.5
WE long (Fri 7-Mon 10) = TP x 2
Munich1 day: €40.00
(half day: €24.00)
Agricultural and garden technology Spindler GmbH

Notice: Simple wood chippers are already available for less than 400 euros. High-quality devices cost at least twice as much. For small gardens with few trees and bushes, a simple shredder can be sufficient. High-performance devices are the better choice for larger plots of land with lots of green waste.

garden shredder

A shredder can make work in the garden much easier. Above all, the unpopular clean-up work in spring and autumn is much easier to do with it. You do not have to dispose of branches, twigs and clippings. The valuable substances are finely shredded and fed back into the natural cycle in the form of mulch or compost.
The range of shredders is huge. The devices differ in performance, size, drive type and weight. But you don't have to own a lot of large equipment yourself. In all larger cities you will find professional providers with a garden tool rental.

types of shredders

If you want to rent or buy a shredder, you can choose between knife shredders and roller shredders.

knife shredder

With the help of rotating knives, knife shredders shred branches, twigs and undergrowth. You can even process damp green waste. The clippings come out finely chopped and are excellent for mulching or composting.
When renting a knife shredder, pay attention to the performance. Knife shredders for domestic use can often only shred branches with a small diameter. Professional devices handle branches with larger diameters.
Knife shredders are inexpensive to buy. However, note the disadvantages:

  • very loud
  • Knives wear out and need to be replaced regularly
  • Devices offered for domestic use are often not suitable for thick branches

roller chopper

Roller shredders use rotating rollers with small teeth to shred green waste. The shredded material is crushed. The chopped material is excellent for composting.
Roller shredders are often more expensive to buy, but the advantages are convincing:

  • also processes thicker branches
  • Noise pollution is significantly lower than with knife shredders
  • Wear of the rollers is low, so follow-up costs are negligible

Notice: Garden waste is not only shredded by processing in the roller shredder, but crushed. This changes the consistency. In this way, branches and twigs are perfectly prepared for decomposition by microorganisms on the bed or on the compost.

A roller shredder is also suitable for thicker branches.

Rental conditions for garden shredders

Depending on the provider, the rental conditions are very different. Pay attention to the terms of the contract. We have put together a few key points for you that you should pay attention to when renting a shredder:

chopped green waste

rental period

One day is usually set as the minimum rental period. If you reserve the shredder, it will be made available for you on the specified date. Often only one day's rent is charged for the weekend.


As a rule, wood chippers are available on the desired date. If landlords offer a guarantee of availability, they must provide you with a device even in adverse circumstances. Problems can arise, for example, if a shredder is defective or returned too late. Small rental companies don't always have a backup.

Late return

If you return your rental device too late, you have to expect additional costs. In the event of delays, an additional 20 percent of the daily rent is usually due per hour.

long-term discount

If you rent a garden shredder for several days, you can benefit from long-term discounts.


A deposit is due upon rental. This depends on the value of the device and the rental period. The deposit is usually at least as much as the entire rent.


Borrowed devices must be cleaned and returned in working order.

Damage to the wood chipper

Inform the rental company immediately if errors occur with rented garden shredders. Under no circumstances should you try to repair the device yourself.


The lessee is liable for damage caused by improper use of the shredder.

frequently asked Questions

Does liability insurance cover damage to the rental property?

Liability insurance does not always cover damage caused to a rental device or caused to other people by a rental device. In most cases it helps if you inform your insurer about the use of a rental device.

What documents are required for borrowing?

In most cases, a valid identity card must be presented when renting a garden tool.

Are protective regulations to be observed during use?

Working with a wood chipper requires eye and face protection, for example a visor. Be sure to use hearing protection. We recommend sturdy clothing, safety shoes and sturdy leather gloves.
Note the requirements in the contract.

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