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Hydrangeas (bot. Hydrangea) are a well-known and extremely popular genus of plants, with species that bloom in a wide range of colors and at different times of the year. Whether it's the flowering garden hydrangea 'Endless Sommer' or the Japanese plate hydrangea 'Kiyosumi', hydrangeas simply want to inspire. Their flowering time differs from species to species, even from cultivar to cultivar. When do the plants bloom in the year?


With their magnificent inflorescences, hydrangeas are one of the most popular plants in German gardens. However, it is not always possible to determine the exact flowering time for this genus, since the species in this genus differ greatly from one another. Nevertheless, an average high season can be observed, especially in the temperate latitudes.

  • Genus standard: mid-May - late June
  • Flowering time possible until mid-September with sufficient addition of nutrients and good care
Hydrangea with light blue flower color

These describe the general heyday of the entire genus, as they bloom especially in Germany, but the varieties differ significantly from each other. It should be noted that even within each species, there could be many differences as the strains come from different breeders. They adapted the plants according to their wishes and thus directly influenced the flowering time. This makes the hydrangea an extremely interesting plant species, because the varieties can alternate in bloom from the first rays of sunshine in spring to the first frosts. The typical hydrangea species that are used as ornamental plants in Germany are as follows.

  • garden hydrangea (bot. Hydrangea macrophylla); also known as ball hydrangea or garden hydrangea
  • panicle hydrangea (bot. Hydrangea paniculata)
  • Forest Hydrangea (bot. Hydrangea arborescens); also known as snowball hydrangeas
  • Oakleaf Hydrangea (bot. Hydrangea quercifolia)
  • velvet hydrangea (bot. Hydrangea sargentiana)
  • Climbing Hydrangea (bot. Hydrangea sargentiana)
  • plate hydrangea (bot. Hydrangea serrata); also known as Japanese tea hydrangea

These can be found in many hardware stores, florists and even supermarkets. However, you must not assume that all of the varieties listed are always available. Here it is advisable to contact a specialist dealer who either specializes in hydrangea or has a large range of plants. The following list is structured so that you first see the species name and then the associated strains with their corresponding flowering time and color.

garden hydrangeas

'Endless Summer'

  • Flowering: May - September
  • Color: pink, white, blue, bright pink


  • Flowering: May - September
  • Colour blue

'Magical Four Seasons 'Amethyst'

  • Flowering: mid-June - October
  • Colour: green-pink

'Forever and Ever'

  • Flowering: July - September
  • Color: white, light pink, light blue

'You and Me Romance'

  • Flowering: June - September
  • Colour blue


  • Flowering: July - September
  • Color: pure white, light blue
Hydrangea with pink flower color

'Pirate's Gold'

  • Flowering: June - September
  • Colour: pink-white


  • Flowering: May - September
  • Colour: lavender


  • Flowering: June - September
  • Colour blue

'Mme. Emile Moulliere'

  • Flowering: early July - October
  • Colour: white, soft pink

'City Line Venice'

  • Flowering: June - end of August
  • Color: blue, pink

'beautiful construction worker'

  • Flowering: July - October
  • Colour: violet, pink


  • Flowering: late June - mid-September
  • Color: pink


  • Flowering: July - end of September
  • Colour: pink-red

'Bouquet Rose'

  • Flowering: June - mid-September
  • Colour: pink-violet
Panicle hydrangeas in the garden bed

panicle hydrangeas


  • Flowering: July - September
  • Colour: pink, creamy white

'lime light'

  • Flowering: July - August
  • Colour: white, light yellow

'little lime'

  • Flowering: July - September
  • Colour: lime green, pink, white

'Wim's Red'

  • Flowering: early August - mid-September
  • Colour: bordeaux red, creamy white


  • Flowering: August - October
  • Colour: pink, creamy white


  • Flowering: May - June
  • Colour: creamy white


  • Flowering: July - September
  • Colour: pink, cream-white

'Vanilla Fraise'

  • Flowering: August - end of September
  • Colour: creamy white, pink

'silver dollars'

  • Flowering: August - September
  • Colour: greenish white, soft pink

'Pinky Winky'

  • Flowering: August - September
  • Colour: yellowish-white, reddish

'Great Stars'

  • Flowering: July - September
  • Colour: pink, creamy white


  • Flowering: June - August
  • Color: yellowish white, pink


  • Flowering: mid-August to October
  • Colour: pink, creamy white


  • Flowering: July - September
  • Colour: creamy white, pink
colorful hydrangeas in the garden

Forest Hydrangea


  • Flowering: late June - early September
  • Colour: pure white


  • Flowering: early July - early September
  • Colour: creamy white

'Haye's Starburst'

  • Flowering: mid-July - September
  • Colour: creamy white, decorated with greenish

Oakleaf Hydrangea


  • Flowering: July - September
  • Colour: pure white


  • Flowering: mid-May - mid-June
  • Colour: pure white

'Pee Wee'

  • Flowering: June - end of July
  • Color white
Hydrangea with white flowers

velvet hydrangeas


  • Flowering: July - August
  • Colour: light purple


  • Flowering: mid-June - August
  • Color: white, pink, purple


  • Flowering: July - August
  • Colour: white, reddish violet

'Hot Chocolate'

  • Flowering: May - September
  • Color: pink, violet

Climbing Hydrangeas

'silver lining'

  • Flowering: July - August
  • Color white


  • Flowering: early June - late July
  • Color yellow


  • Flowering: early May - mid-June
  • Color white


  • Flowering: June - July
  • Colour: creamy white
Plate hydrangea with purple flowers

plate hydrangeas


  • Flower: pink, white-pink
  • Color: June - September


  • Flowering: June - September
  • Colour: soft pink, light blue

'Imperatrice Eugenie'

  • Flowering: July - September
  • Color: light blue, white-pink, violet

'Golden Sunlight'

  • Flowering: June - September
  • Color: white, creamy white, pink


  • Flowering: July - October
  • Colour: pure rose, light blue

'Blue Deckle'

  • Flowering: July - October
  • Color: pink, light blue


  • Flowering: June - September
  • Colour: light rose, ice blue
Hydrangea with a magnificent inflorescence in shades of pink

Tip: If you want to have one of the above varieties in the garden yourself, you only have to give the variety name together with the name of the species, for example garden hydrangea. Without the species name, you can make the right choice, but you could, for example, mix up the grandiflora varieties of panicle and forest hydrangeas.

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